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AB Handshake Partners With iconectiv

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ab handshake iconectiv partnership
The AB Handshake team is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with another leading technology communications company – iconectiv.

Expanding Voice Fraud Protection

By partnering with iconectiv, AB Handshake will be able to expand its platform coverage beyond the traffic of community members. Thanks to iconectiv intelligence data, the AB Handshake call validation solution will be able to detect unauthorized traffic coming from unallocated and prime-rate number ranges, providing extra value to all members of the global AB Handshake call validation community.

Quote from Vasily Birulin, MD of AB Handshake:

"Expanding traffic validation beyond the borders of our current community allows us to offer our customer even greater flexibility whilst keeping the unmatched level of protection that only the AB Handshake solution provides."

AB Handshake is an anti-fraud solution uniting telecom operators around the globe into a solid, fraud-free community. Our industry breakthrough solution detects and blocks 100% of all fraud on inbound and outbound voice traffic.

By utilizing a simple, out-of-band technology, the solution cross-validates the call details of the A and B call registries, guaranteeing 100% accurate blocking of all voice fraud attacks with no false positives. For telcos, the AB Handshake solution recovers lost revenues, streamlines traceback requests, reduces customer churn and much more.

Iconectiv has a global presence with a head office in Piscataway, New Jersey, United States. They have been in operation in the telecommunications industry for over 30 years, providing support to over 5,000 companies in the area of flexibility, efficiency, cost-reduction, and security in their daily operations.

About AB Handshake

The AB Handshake Corporation was established in Miami, Florida, in 2020 by a team of professionals with decades of experience in telecom as well as expertise in successfully developing and establishing innovative hi-tech companies. Their anti-fraud solution eliminates all voice fraud attacks including Wangiri, Call Stretching, Interconnect Bypass, CLI Spoofing, PBX Hacking, Robocalls and more. All with 100% accuracy and zero false positives.

Visit to learn more about the team and the anti-fraud solution or write us here to partner with us today.

About iconectiv

Iconectiv was founded in 1983. With almost 40 years of experience, the company has a wide reach in the global communication technology industry. Their team is composed of experienced and skilled professionals. Their cutting-edge cloud-based SaaS solutions and trusted communications platforms provide essential support in a range of areas, including: network and operations management, numbering, business-to-consumer communications and fraud prevention.

Visit to learn more about their services and solutions.