AUG 12, 2020

As AB Handshake grows larger and larger, it has been getting an increasing number of attention in the telecom world…

AUG 5, 2020

We have been featured in several publications by prominent telecom media such as Black Swan and Capacity Media magazines as well as…

JUL 30, 2020

As the project grows, we further enter the telecom media sphere, promoting AB Handshake across various industry-specific magazines.

JUL 27, 2020

As the project evolves, we get more media coverage in telecom journals. Recently, Capacity media published an article about the launch of our AB Handshake solution…

JUL 25, 2020

AB Handshake is an ambitious global anti-fraud project that aims to incorporate as many telecom players as possible. This is a challenging task and it can’t be done alone. 

JUL 20, 2020

We welcome all telecom professionals to join and validate calls on a global scale.

JUL 1, 2020

As AB Handshake continues to make waves throughout the industry, it is featured in more industry events. Recently, project leader Sergey Okrimenko presented the solution at the RAG Virtual Conference…

JUN 27, 2020

The AB Handshake project is now well underway and our current goal is to build widespread awareness: not simply of our product, but rather of the massive problem of fraud that faces the entire industry.

JUN 20, 2020

This solution enables the direct exchange of call information between originating & terminating operators in order to compare call details and identify fraud.

JUN 15, 2020

We have officially launched AB Handshake — a novel call validation solution. In extensive development for quite some time, this solution is geared to eliminate many types of telecom fraud…

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