JUN 20, 2020

AB Handshake

AB Handshake enables the direct exchange of call information between originating & terminating operators in order to compare call details and identify fraud.

AB Handshake is a single solution for all telecom players to deal with fraud immediately, increase customer loyalty, and decrease losses!

The advantages of this technology:

  • 100% effective solution disabling all known types of fraud
  • Real-time
  • Ready to use
  • Easy integration

How it works:

  • Originating and terminating operators exchange basic call event details in real time using an encrypted out-of-bound channel
  • By comparing call details and exchanging the results, the operators screen calls for potential fraud using fraud detection logic;
  • If fraud is identified, the fraudulent call will be blocked – no fraud for the end user – no penalty losses for the operators.

This solution works for:

  • MNOs;
  • MVNOs;
  • Fixed line operators;
  • Virtual PBX operators;
  • Businesses and apps using SIP agents (Skype-like).

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