AB Handshake Article in the Black Swan Journal

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AB Handshake Article in the Black Swan Journal

As the project grows, we further enter the telecom media sphere, promoting AB Handshake across various industry-specific magazines.
Not long ago, Black Swan, one of the most reputable online telecom journals, published an interview with our project leader Sergey Okhrimenko. During the interview, Dan Baker (the journal editor) and Sergey discussed telecom fraud in general and how damaging it is to the whole industry.

They focused our novel call validation solution and the value that it brings to the market.

Special attention was given to the way AB Handshake works and what requirements this system has in order to be effective:
  • Real-Time action — the information exchange should be fast enough to allow call pre-blocking or very fast termination.
  • Basic Call Event Details should be exchanged
  • Confirmation that the call was terminated to an end user
  • Out of Band channel — needed for security reasons and to avoid changing telecom systems or supporting a high-end database.
  • Comparison of Call Details and Results by A and B operators with the results being mutually shared between parties.

We deliver on all these requirements and have everything needed to stop fraud in the existing frameworks of the telecom community.

Sergey and Dan also discussed what problems the solution is designed to address, who should participate in AB Handshake and what an operator needs to get started and integrate the system.