JUN 27, 2020

AB Handshake presented at CFCA event

The AB Handshake project is now well underway and our current goal is to build widespread awareness: not simply of our product, but rather of the massive problem of fraud that faces the entire industry.

Regrettably, telecom fraud continues to grow at an astronomical pace — both in volume and in new types of fraud. Often, these threats outpace the industry’s ability to respond and cost the global market tremendous amounts of money, time, and customer satisfaction/experience.

Project Leader Sergey Okrimenko spoke about this issue at a CFCA (Communications Fraud Control Association) event held on June 24th. He described the nature and scale of the problem presented by global telecom fraud and presented AB Handshake as a game-changing tool in the fight against fraud. A tremendously sophisticated call validation solution, AB Handshake offers a new level of protection against fraud. Most of all, however, this solution focuses on engendering a new era of cooperation among telecom players for joint fraud defense, while allowing them to still retain competitive independence in other aspects of their business.

We are particularly honored that Sergey received a speaker certificate for this presentation. We appreciate that vote of confidence from such a trusted and remarkable organization as the CFCA.

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