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We are committed to eradicating fraud in telecom. Make it happen together with us!

Create cutting-edge technology and grow together with us while making the world a better place.

AB Handshake Corporation is a Florida-based company that created the same-name original technology to prevent fraud in telecom. The technology is based on a call validation method – second to none in the world – and allows the elimination of main types of fraud when exchanging the traffic between the operators who have implemented it.

We are now launching the onboarding of the AB Handshake technology with the first service providers who have chosen us to protect their traffic and their customers from fraud, and we are actively negotiating with an exponentially growing number of potential clients.

The company intends to get the technology onboarded on the networks of the majority of telecom service providers in the world within the next few years. The company is promoting the AB Handshake technology as the industry standard.

About us
The AB Handshake Corporation was founded by a team of telecommunication industry professionals with advanced engineering degrees and decades of experience in establishing and successfully growing innovative hi-tech companies.

Our background made it possible to take an idea for preventing voice fraud by call validation and turn it into a truly universal solution working for all types of networks. After creating the AB Handshake technology, testing it on an intercontinental network with countless simulated fraud scenarios, and honing the details of the service, we established the corporation in order to distribute the technology on a global scale.

To facilitate the adoption of AB Handshake, we are building a trusted community of telecom service providers that share the common goal of eliminating fraud through call validation. Inside this community, all voice traffic exchange is free from major types of voice fraud. The result is a radical improvement of customer experience and boosted profitability of the community members.

Why join us
We are a remote team of passionate individuals committed to eliminating voice fraud globally once and for all. We are creative, diverse and believe collaboration is the key to success.

Each team member has a huge opportunity to make an impact, and together, as a distributed and connected team, we support each other in every area of the company's activities to achieve it.
We're excited to work with someone who is highly motivated, a team player, feels comfortable in a fast-paced start-up environment, and is happy to cooperate with remote team members.

You will wear many hats at times but will have a key role in our future growth and immediate responsibility. At the same time, you will not need to take the risk of betting on a dark horse - our unique and high-demand technology allows us to attract all the resources necessary for its promotion.
We move very fast, and you'll be at the center of the action.

Current Job Opportunities

Telecom Onboarding and Support Operations Manager
In the role of Telecom onboarding and support operations manager, you will be the first point of contact with the client in the customer onboarding and support processes. You will be organizing and supervising the process of integration of the customer systems with AB Handshake solution and ensure that our services are running smoothly with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Duties and responsibilities, Onboarding:

  • Develop the system integration schemes with PS and CS equipment for telecom operators;
  • Coordinate the development of technical requirements with the clients;
  • Communicate and coordinate with ABH developers during client onboarding;
  • Document the solutions for connecting, configuring, and testing the equipment for specific customers;
  • Resolve integration problems related to the specific equipment setting and configuration on the client-side;
  • Conduct product and system trainings for clients;
  • Commission the system according to the customer-specific Operations processes and ABH guidelines.

Duties and responsibilities, Support Operations:

  • Initial diagnostics of potential problems with the service availability using internal tools, remote access, and instructions;
  • Solve problems with the service continuity within agreed SLA lead times;
  • Provide second level support, remote diagnostics of equipment and software on the customer's side, correct settings and resolve configuration errors;
  • Participate in the escalation process and own the TT (Trouble Ticket) until Ticket resolution and problem closure confirmation;
  • Interact with the Helpdesk and with first and third levels of support in the process of problem-solving;
  • Participate in the SLA process with the client, track and document the problems;
  • Participate in the RCA (Root Cause Analysis) post-analysis process and maintain problems history and documentation (wiki);
  • Collect customer feedback, participate in periodic meetings, prepare questionnaires and SLA reports;
  • Participate in the software update process on the client-side, notify clients, and monitor the planned works schedule.


3+ years of technical project management for the telecom operator;
3+ years of employment in the technical department of the telecom operator;
3+ years in B2B sales of technical solutions or hardware/software products to mobile telecom operators;
  • Experience in communicating with clients and working in the first or second line of support;
  • General acquaintance with the processes and distribution of roles within telecom operators;
  • Experience in working with network monitoring solutions.
Basic Qualifications:

  • Good knowledge of mobile network architecture;
  • Knowledge of RADIUS, DIAMETER, SS7, SIGTRAN protocols;
  • Knowledge of CAMEL protocol and of the architecture of CAMEL-based networks;
  • Knowledge of Trouble Ticketing systems and experience in implementing OSS tools;
  • Understanding of the decision-making process and product implementation cycles of telecom operators;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
  • English language level not lower than B1.


  • Knowledge of bash / zsh / JS / Python scripting languages;
  • Knowledge of network IP protocols at the CCNA level;
  • Knowledge of virtual and cloud technologies (Docker, K8s, AWS);
  • Knowledge of setting up site-to-site VPN, roadwarrior;

Additional Qualifications:

  • General knowledge of fraud related problems in telecom;
  • Bachelor or master in telecom or electrical engineering or equivalent experience;
  • Experience in administering technical systems remotely.

When joining AB Handshake team, you will enjoy the following benefits:
- Competitive salary (with regular review), performance bonuses;
- Flexible schedule with remote work options;
- Working in diverse international team of high-skilled professionals;
- Support of professional development (conferences, webinars);
- Travel opportunities as a company representative on international exhibitions and conferences;
- Corporate events.

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