Global solution for call validation
AB Handshake offers a new solution for telecom service providers that eliminates fraud on inbound and outbound voice traffic. We validate each call instead of working with sampling, patterns or statistics. This means 100% accuracy and no false positives.
Innovation: a completely new approach to tackling fraud
Universal technology: Works for any network – IP or TDM
Community: Service providers cooperate to fight a common problem
Security: Fully compliant with GDPR and security regulations
Calls validated by AB Handshake will be free from
A robocall is a phone call that uses a computerized autodialer to deliver a pre-recorded message, as if from a robot.
Call Stretching
The fraudulent carriers or transit providers start to record part of the conversation in a call and after 1-2 minutes the call is dropped on the B-side while kept on hold on the A-side with the recorded audio being played back repeatedly.
Short-duration calls, mainly to mobile devices, leaving a missed call number which is either premium rate or contains advertising messages
Interconnect Bypass
Criminal exploits the difference between high international interconnect rates and low retail prices for on-net and off-net calls.
CLI Spoofing
Practice causing the telephone network to indicate to the receiver of a call that the originator of the call is a station other than the true originating station
PBX Hacking
PBX hacking/fraud happens when someone gains access to a business's PBX phone system and generates a profit from the international calls, at the business's expense.
Short Stopping
Short stopping occurs when a “dishonest” operator ends the call on their network before it reaches the destination.
Wangiri 2.0
Fraudster using bots or scripts to initiate the fraud via the company’s on-line form which the fraudster fills out to initiate calls from companies to premium numbers
AB Handshake service enables global cooperation between all players in telecom traffic exchange
Mobile operators
Mobile Virtual Network Operators
Fixed Line Operators
Virtual PBX Operators
Business and Apps Using SIP Agents such as Skype
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How It Works
• Every time a call is set up, the call details are sent to the Call registry
• The registry uses the E.164 numbering plan to route the validation request
• The validation request arrives at the terminating network before the actual call
• Cross-validation of call details from two networks allows to detect any manipulation
• Call registries run on simple common use hardware, no additional investment needed
• The solution is installed within the operator’s security perimeter and complies with security and personal data processing requirements
• All communications via HTTPS are performed with TLS encryption
What experts say
Karsten Lereuth
Chariman and Co-founder, Telebix
“The AB Handshake call validation technology literally turns the whole paradigm of fraud management activities upside-down.”
Andreas Hipp
CEO and Chairman, Cataleya
“There is no way for fraudsters to work around the AB Handshake. The fraudster can no longer win by being smarter because the handshake means you cannot manipulate the A-number without being found out. I think it will change the landscape and will certainly make it very, very difficult for fraudsters.”
Eric Priezkalns
Revenue Assurance Group
“AB Handshake has the potential to permanently eradicate several the worst categories of telecom fraud”
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- Free trial period with full functionality
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