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Technological Partners

We are building a global community of operators using AB Handshake to combat fraud. In order to be up to this task, we are also developing a global distribution network for our product. The value-added distribution scheme is an ideal fit. Our partners benefit from an additional revenue stream from their existing clients and gain a significant advantage in attracting new ones. Our clients profit from an even faster integration – they just need to sign up for the service from one of their existing suppliers.

Why work with AB Handshake? It is a unique service which has no competitors with comparable functionality on the market. It is a self-promoting service – our clients are already inviting their partners to join in. It is a well-designed service with flexible integration options – any kind of client with retail voice traffic will easily join in and benefit from the solution. Here are some examples of partners with obvious synergy with AB Handshake:
  • Soft switch providers
  • Camel gateway vendors
  • Billing vendors
However, we're open to other partnerships which will allow telecommunication operators to gain simplified access to our solution.
Become a Technological Partner
We invite you to become our distributor. We are ready to propose a cooperation model or discuss any new ideas.

Partners & Ambassadors

We want to be closer to clients, so we invite partners and ambassadors to join efforts in the global development of a fraud-free community. Our flexible revenue share model offers attractive options for individual partners and entities of all sizes.

Our partners can always rely on our full support. In order to maintain the highest standards of customer services, we provide:
  • Up-to-date marketing materials
  • Technical and product training
  • Support from our technical team to analyze any specific requirements from the client
  • Latest information on the global development of the solution
  • Full legal and operational support

AB Handshake is an ambitious project that aims to create a whole new paradigm of fighting fraud. Join us to become a part of this exciting experience!
Become a Partner or Ambassador
We invite you to become our partner. We will be happy to discuss all aspects of our possible cooperation.

Our Partners

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