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AB Handshake and Our CEO Nadejda Papernaia are shortlisted at PTC Awards 2022

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It's with great pleasure that we announce that AB Handshake is a finalist in the PTC Awards 2022. It's a double-joy for us to see our CEO and co-founder, Nadejda Papernaia, in the shortlist among the personal finalists as well!

Although AB Handshake is an international company aiming to solve the global voice traffic fraud issue, the PTC Awards is particularly important for us. As a Miami-based company, home-regional recognition is especially meaningful. Moreover, it is an honor to be renowned in the globally significant PTC region.

We send our warmest greeting to all the finalists and our gratitude to the judges and arrangers of the Awards! We cannot wait for the final results of the competition to be released at the PTC event on January 16-19.

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