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Eliminate Telecom Fraud with AB Handshake — A Global System for Voice and SMS Validation
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Discover the System
With the AB Handshake System you get multi-layered Voice and SMS traffic protection against all major types of fraud.
call attempts processed on a daily basis
operators worldwide rely on our system
in revenue saved for our clients per month
An instant virtual 'handshake' between the originating and terminating operators that validates A&B numbers and call events in real time
Call Validation
AB Handshake
Advanced AI powered by Machine Learning constantly guards your Voice traffic: real-time alerting and blocking of all major fraud types
Cutting-edge fraud prevention system
AI Shield
Enjoy the New Industry Must-Haves
Detection of fraud before the call is even set up with main call events comparison (START, CONNECT, END)
Proactive monitoring, analysis of 100+ complex parameters and custom rules
Including the TDM environment. Flexible, fast, and secure integration options tailored to your network
Real-time end-to-end cross-validation
AI/ML powered fraud detection
Works for all types of networks
Technological benefits
Pay-as-you-go, bundles, subscription-based model, and other options
Tailor our system to your needs instead of spending millions on development
Configure blocking, alerting, and reporting policies, breaking of active calls, and access all of your data on one dashboard
Customizable payment plans such as
Low total cost of ownership (TCO)
All-in-one management and analytics interface
Business benefits
Explore the trusted growing community of 170+ service providers and partners to find out how we work together to eliminate telecom fraud once and for all: we are stronger together!
Karsten Lereuth
Chariman and Co-founder, Telebix
Karsten Lereuth

“The AB Handshake call validation technology literally turns the whole paradigm of fraud management activities upside-down.”

Andreas Hipp
CEO and Chairman, Cataleya
Andreas Hipp

“AB Handshake is certainly the most effective framework to identify and prevent various types of voice fraud that plague the industry and working with a team of very knowledgeable and dedicated people has been a pleasure.“

Eric Priezkalns
Revenue Assurance Group
Eric Priezkalns

“Imagine the difference if every A-party was matched to every B-party, with no spoofing, manipulation or short-stopping. This simple fix would end most robocalls, make refiling impossible, stop simboxing, kill wangiri and make it easy to tackle international revenue share fraud. Delivering absolute certainty about the origin and destination of each call is the goal that motivates the AB Handshake, and the telcos who join it. Their objective is simple, realistic, and attainable.”.

Monnan Miah
Head of global services at Toku
Monnan Miah

“AB Handshake has the potential to permanently eradicate several worst categories of telecom fraud”.

defeat all major types of voice fraud
Protect your revenue
Protect your customers
Protect your routes
Protect your revenues
Protect your
  • CLI spoofing
  • SIM box fraud
  • OTT bypass
Protect your customers
Protect your
  • Robocalls
  • Wangiri, Wangiri 2.0
  • Scam calls
Protect your routes
Protect your
  • Short stopping
  • FAS
  • Call stretching
  • PBX hacking
What's trending? Flash calls. We detect them!
Use our next-gen solution to stay one step ahead of emerging fraud types
Add functionality to your product and grow your customer portfolio
Upsell our know-how and discover new market opportunities

Technology partnership

Open a new market – pre-integrate AB Handshake solutions with your equipment and upsell an out-of-the-box real-time anti-fraud system

  • SBCs and soft switches vendors
  • SCP, CAMEL and signaling gateways
  • Real-time billing equipment providers
  • SMS firewalls and SMSC vendors

Solution partnership

Mutual benefits instead of competition – combine two technologies to enhance your current tool with call validation

  • FMS vendors
  • DPI solution vendors
  • Telecom managed services providers

Sales partnership

Get exclusivity and increase profit margins — create a new revenue stream and bring a new service to your customers

  • System integrators
  • Agents
  • Referral partners
  • Consultancies
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