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AB Handshake solution has been awarded at Risk Reward Awards 2020

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We are happy to announce that the AB Handshake solution has been recognised as the Innovation winner of the Risk Reward Awards.


We are happy to announce that the AB Handshake solution has been recognised as the Innovation winner of the Risk Reward Awards.

It is a great honor for us to be recognized for our efforts in fraud risk assurance as well as to be in the company of such reputable firms as Teoco and Revector that won 2nd and 3rd place at the Awards.

The Risk Reward Awards were created to endorse and stimulate risk mitigation activities in the telecom industry.

The award is a recognition of outstanding achievements, bold initiatives and fruitful cooperation in the field of combating risks.

It is an award given to those who truly excel in countering risk. No matter how big your business is, how long your company has been on the market, everyone can be nominated and the one who deserves it most gets the award.

The AB Handshake team is honored by this award and promises to continue and refine our work in the field of fraud prevention.

Judges comments:

«This appears to be outstanding project using a simple but powerful concept to defeat fraud, the potential to make redundant many of the functions currently performed by “bespoke” rule based /AI / ML fraud detection systems employed within CSPs.»

«The ability of this product to compare originating and terminating numbers in near real time is the basis of the submission. However the deployment of the system requires a wide acceptance on the part of telco’s for the system to fully utilize its potential which in effect is a “Global Fraud Management System”. Whilst I see many challenges in fielding this type of system globally this should not detract from its potential as a major tool in the anti-fraud toolbox.»

«This initiative could be a game changer, not only in the reduction of many of the fraud scenarios that continue to inflict losses on the industry, but also to restore confidence in E164 numbering.»

«Great product, quite possible to solve a huge problem for interconnect fraud.»

«Support operators in destinations subject to having their number ranges hijacked in their argument to partners to remove country code blocking, something that will be of interest also to the ITU, who oppose country code blocking.»

«An initiative that is simple to implement, low cost and will provide wide ranging and valuable benefits.»

«A unique approach to combating a perennial problem. Shows true innovation. A new approach rather an evolution of establish techniques.»

«Innovative solution based on end-to-end monitoring to capture high impact fraud.»

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