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AB SMS Security: Prevent SMS Fraud Comprehensively with AI and Cross-Validation Technology

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In today's digital age, where online communication prevails, SMS fraud is a notable concern. Terms like smishing, SMS traffic pumping (AIT), and SMS impersonation fraud have become familiar for both MNOs and businesses worldwide.

The CFCA's recent Global Fraud Loss Survey 2023 offers a number of eye-opening findings. In 2023 alone, such SMS frauds led to staggering losses of $5.8 billion.

Despite the rising threat, only 40% of companies use AI and machine learning for fraud detection. Additionally, on average, anti-fraud systems produce an alarmingly high False Positive Rate of 23%, further emphasizing the need for a more efficient solution.

AB SMS Security: A Reliable Solution

In response to growing SMS fraud challenges, AB SMS Security provides a robust and complete solution designed to meet industry anti-fraud needs. The solution offers an efficient, accurate, and secure defense for both businesses and MNOs.

Advanced AI Engine for Real-Time Protection

Key to AB SMS Security's success is a cutting-edge AI engine which analyzes traffic patterns, sender correlation, content, and links in real time. Such proactive technology enables the system to identify and neutralize potential fraudulent activity with exceptional accuracy.

Cross-Validation Module

To ensure the integrity of each message, AB SMS Security utilizes a cross-validation module to provide a multi-layered approach:


Must-Have Solution Features 

  • Major SMS fraud type detection: We help businesses with SMS traffic pumping (AIT) and MNOs with Smishing, A2P/P2P Bypass, spam, and telco impersonation fraud.
  • Flexible deployment options: We offer support for SMPP and SS7 SMS traffic to ensure adaptability, with optional cloud or on-prem deployment for flexibility and uncompromised security.
  • Dashboard access: Receive real-time statistics for quick insights.
  • Flexible reporting customization: Choose from a range of parameters that suit your workflow.
  • Configuration of alerting and blocking policies: Make decisions that work for you.

Benefits for MNOs and Businesses

AB SMS Security provides businesses with significant benefits, including minimizing losses from credential theft and unauthorized access, and reducing customer churn.

Mobile operators, on the other hand, stand to gain significantly by restoring trust in the SMS channel, leading to increased A2P revenue, decreased customer churn, and minimized losses.

In a world dominated by the increasing threat of SMS fraud, AB SMS Security stands as a reliable partner, offering a transformative solution capable of combating fraud and securing the integrity of SMS communications.

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