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AB Handshake gets covered on Capacity Media blog

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As the project evolves, we get more media coverage in telecom journals.


Recently, Capacity media published an article about the launch of our AB Handshake solution. The Capacity Media deputy editor talked to our project leader Sergey Okrimenko about the solution and waves it has created throughout the industry.

In the article Sergey explained that AB Handshake was created with three goals in mind: global reach, real-time defense, and affordable/easy integration. As fraud threats become increasingly more sophisticated and rapidly evolving — CLI spoofing, robocall growth, and targeting of developing countries — AB Handshake presents both a highly sophisticated and easily accessible solution. The easy accessibility is absolutely critical because the more operators integrate this solution, the greater the overall protection for the telecom sphere.

Sergey noted that the industry's response has been overwhelmingly positive. AB Handshake has been featured at several industry events such as GSMA and i3Forum. The feedback from current trials of the platform has been that it visibly diminishes robocalls, interconnect bypass, PBX hacking, and many other attacks.

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