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AB Handshake Free Trial

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Fraud is a significant problem that hurts the whole telecom industry. Annual losses from fraud are reported to be around $28B.

We have developed a global call validation solution that solves this issue — AB Handshake. It can eliminate many fraud types such as IRSF ($5B), CLI spoofing ($2B), short stopping & call stretching ($4B), interconnect bypass ($2.7B), PBX hacking ($3.6B), robocalls ($0.9B) + wangiri, wangiri 2.0 and others ($9.8B).

The ITU’s recent 2023 CxO Meeting communiqué emphasizes the need for global coordination and the immediate exploration of real-time call validation as a universal solution. AB Handshake aligns with this direction.

Explore the ITU CxO communiqué to learn about how the points raised align with our vision.

We welcome all telecom professionals to join and validate calls on a global scale.

Here's how it works: using special software and hardware, AB Handshake connects originating and terminating operators and makes it possible to exchange call details in real-time and compare the results to check if the call took place, was terminated to the end user and was received from the original number of the caller.

Join the AB Handshake framework now and become a part of telecom history!

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