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The introduction of AB Handshake to the market entirely changes the approach to fraud management. Conventional fraud management systems provide individual protection for the operator that uses them. In contrast, AB Handshake is based on cooperation between operators. It does not just mitigate fraud but eliminates it, provided that both operators that exchange traffic use AB Handshake. In other words, the solution provides guaranteed protection within the community of operators using AB Handshake.

The wider this community is - the more each participant wins. The value of AB Handshake increases over time as it covers a growing share of the operators' traffic with the addition of each new participant. And this means more and more inbound and outbound traffic of each participating operator is free of fraud.

Calls validated by AB Handshake will be free from

The mission of our company is to make this fraud-free community global.

A global fraud-free community of telecom operators will not only eradicate fraud on international voice traffic but also protect telephone network users from illegal robo- and nuisance calls.

We provide the technology to make it possible. AB Handshake community membership will be affordable for any operator in any country.
However, it is impossible to form a fraud-free community of this magnitude solely by the efforts of one company. We call for cooperation and free exchange of views of all who are interested in the idea of creating such a global fraud-free community.

Even if your company is not ready to participate in the project for any reason - we welcome telecom professionals to participate in the life of our community. If you are interested in our progress, if you want to participate in webinars and face-to-face meetings on fraud prevention, if you are interested in new fraud patterns detected using AB Handshake - just let us know.
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AB Handshake service enables global cooperation between all players in telecom traffic exchange

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We offer benefits for operators who connect to our service early on. As an early adopter, you will receive access to full functionality for a free trial period and get:

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