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AB Handshake can solve the robocall issue once and for all

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Why is the problem with robocalls so difficult? Why can't we simply block all calls from robots and be done with it? Well, people may be subscribed to get this information voluntarily. They may be waiting for such a call. The solution isn't so easy.


The latest attempt at solving the robocall issue that the telecom community laid hopes on was created with the STIR/SHAKEN solution. But still, the algorithms that define eligible/ineligible robocalls are not comprehensive and some nuances are still pending. This is why the FCC recommends using alternative tools for the final determination.

"Is there a way to accurately block robocalls?", asks Mobile Europe editors in the latest article on the portal. They offer a possible answer - yes. It seems that the AB Handshake solution has everything we need to end this nuisance once and for all.

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