AB Handshake has joined the CFCA Trusted Calls Task Force Committee

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Sergey Okhrimenko
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The global telecommunications market is constantly experiencing an increase in the number of robocalls and spoofing. In responding to this challenge, there is a clear need for trust among industry partners.

That is the CFCA Trusted Calls Task Force Committee's main aim - creating a process for sharing as much caller data as possible and acting as a resource for other organizations that can glean protective value from this data. The representatives of reputed companies such as Twilio, Intrado, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, USTelecom and many others are joining this committee and actively discussing various solutions.

We are excited to announce that AB Handshake representative Sergey Okhrimenko (COO at AB Handshake) has recently joined the Trusted Calls Task Force (Sub-Committee: Education and Resource) at CFCA as an active member.

AB Handshake aims to establish a trusted telecom community free of voice fraud through 100% effective (as proven in multiple tests) out-of-bound, real-time call validation. Thus, we are very pleased to be members of this committee. We have a lot to share with the community on the subject of trusted calls and are open to joint cooperation with the working group.

Please contact us directly to get more information about AB Handshake at

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