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AB Handshake is listed by the European intergovernmental organization (CEPT) as one of the effective solutions to fight CLI Spoofing

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A big milestone for AB Handshake was listing of our solution in the recommendations of the European intergovernmental organization (CEPT) in a report submitted for public consultations in the context of the fight against CLI Spoofing.

It's no secret that Calling Line Identification (CLI) Spoofing has recently increased. This is mostly due to the mass transition to IP networks. However, most countries still use both traditional and IP networks. For this reason, it is difficult to find a single solution that will solve all CLI Spoofing related problems. In their report, the ECC examines the current regulatory practices in various jurisdictions and various technical methods to combat CLI Spoofing, among which the AB Handshake solution stands out. Also in its report, the regulator proposes a two- or three-stage approach to implement the selected solutions.

The ECC develops policies and regulations in electronic communications for European citizens and industry. Public consultation is an important part of this process, providing a wide range of opinions from a range of stakeholders to find optimal policy solutions.

Documents submitted for the public consultation procedure are commented on both by the CEPT administration and any other interested parties. Reports are considered within 6 months and, taking into account comments and suggestions, the final resolutions are put into work as a guideline for making politically significant decisions.

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