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AB Handshake featured in Telecom Reseller

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As AB Handshake grows larger and larger, it has been getting an increasing number of attention in the telecom world. In particular, we have been featured in an increasing number of industry journals — a fact we are greatly honored and humbled by.


Recently, Telecom Reseller — a noted industry journal — featured a piece on AB Handshake, particularly focusing on the new tools it gives the industry for fraud prevention.

In the article, Telecom Reseller interviewed project leader Sergey Okrimenko. He described some of the advantages of this novel solution — real-time defense, call detail exchange, termination confirmation, and secure out-of-bound channels — and explained how the system works. He noted that it has been deployed for several months in operational mode at three data centers and has been passing all benchmarks with flying colors.

Additionally, Sergey noted that AB Handshake offers a thorough log system of fraud call details to provide legal evidence of fraud should an operator need to forward it to law enforcement or for claims/legal processing.

We would like to thank Telecom Reseller for featuring us and encourage you to read their article and learn more about AB Handshake.

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