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AB Handshake awarded at Innovation Leaders 2020

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It is our great honor to announce that AB Handshake has won the Innovation Leaders 2020 Award. is one of the top telecommunications news and analytics platforms. It is not only a forum for networking but also an intellectual leader in the telecom sector. As experience and knowledge sharing become more and more important in the modern marketplace, this forum and its awards continue to make a bigger and bigger impact.

This is why this award is a very significant achievement for us. It not only recognizes our dedication to innovation, but also sends a message of support for all products that offer a positive impact for telecom community members. The issue of global fraud is one of the biggest current telco problems and we believe that the AB Handshake is a monumental step to reaching a global solution. We promise to work tirelessly on further innovating and evolving AB Handshake to exceed our clients' and partners' expectations every step of the way.

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