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Unveiling CLI Spoofing Defenses: Your Calls, Secured!

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CLI Spoofing, also known as Caller ID spoofing, is a widespread type of telecom fraud. It’s frequently used in fraudulent activities like robocalls, OBR spoofing, and spam.

Today, CLI Spoofing-related fraud poses a significant threat to the entire telecom industry:

  • Individuals targeted by CLI fraudsters may be subject to monetary fraud, unsolicited content exposure, and the theft of their personal data and identity
  • Targeted destination network operators experience revenue losses, inter-operator billing disputes, and customer distrust
  • Carriers may be hit with substantial penalties from regulatory agencies and, at the end of the billing period,  unexpected additional surcharges from downstream carriers

To address these issues, AB Handshake has developed a comprehensive solution: CLI Spoofing Prevention

This solution tackles the root cause of CLI Spoofing and offers proactive protection for customers, reputation, and revenue.

A New Dedicated Solution

AB Handshake is the leading expert in telecom fraud prevention. Our innovative CLI Spoofing Prevention is unmatched in detecting and stopping CLI Spoofing and all other related fraud, with zero false positives.

Our transparent and precise real-time call blocking safeguards your reputation and revenue against various fraud types:

  • Robocalls
  • OBR spoofing
  • Interconnect bypass
  • Roaming fraud
  • Spam
  • Scam 

Covering both inbound and outbound traffic, AB Handshake’s solution provides comprehensive protection to voice service providers and enterprises against CLI Spoofing and other related fraud.

Why Choose CLI Spoofing Prevention: Key Benefits

Our solutions are created with the telecom industry’s interests in mind. We’re sure that CLI Spoofing Prevention will provide you with an array of benefits:

  • Increased voice termination revenue in case of OBR and Interconnect bypass fraud
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements and avoidance of regulatory fines
  • Brand reputation protection achieved by preventing fraudulent calls from reaching your customers
  • Impartial evidence on all numbers involved in spoofing events (both original and spoofed) for dispute resolution, investigations, and thorough analysis and confirmation

What Does CLI Spoofing Prevention Offer?

CLI Spoofing Prevention equips you with a full real-time prevention toolset, offering transparent call blocking and complete protection against various fraud types.

Enhance your existing fraud prevention strategy with our solution via seamless integration. CLI Spoofing Prevention is compatible with other anti-fraud technologies and provides call attestation for international calls.

And AB Handshake goes even further, we notify third parties when their numbering capacity is used for CLI Spoofing.


Picture this scenario: Fraudsters impersonate bank employees, using the bank’s CLI to deceive unsuspecting customers. What’s even worse, the bank may not even know that its numbering capacity is being misused. However, AB Handshake can easily prevent this scenario. We promptly inform the originating and terminating operators, along with the bank, about the CLI Spoofing, helping them steer clear of fraudulent activities.


Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well, let’s explore how the solution works.

How Do We Deliver Results?

Operating across multiple layers, AB Handshake’s comprehensive solution accurately detects and blocks calls with spoofed CLI. This is achieved through:

  1. Real-time out-of-band call validation cli-scheme.pngThe scheme above illustrates the call validation process. Our Call Registries conduct cross-validation of A-number, B-number, and call events (call start, call connect, and call end) between both operators. It sends call disconnect commands to the operators’ switching equipment quickly upon detecting spoofing.
  2. A-number analysis prevents calls originating from incorrect, unallocated, and unassigned numbers
  3. Roaming status check confirms the location of the subscriber whose number is attached to an incoming international call
  4. Unlimited Test Call Generation (TCG) from A-Z ranges regularly monitors how the traffic from important destinations reaches your network

Collectively, these measures form our CLI Spoofing Prevention solution; a comprehensive approach to effectively minimize the impact of fraud schemes involving spoofed traffic.

At the ITU CxO meeting 2023, it was accepted by industry leaders in attendance that damages incurred by voice fraud have reached a critical point. The committee unanimously concluded that, to successfully prevent fraud, a global solution is required. Their answer? Threshold-based rules and isolated methods are ineffective - real-time validation is required.

To explore the alignment between the ITU CxO committee’s findings and AB Handshake’s approach, read the communiqué.

The AB Handshake and STIR/SHAKEN Comparison

Wondering what makes our solution stand out?

Find out in our comprehensive comparison guide, which outlines the key differences between AB Handshake and STIR/SHAKEN

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