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Test Call Generator: Virtual Efficiency for Real Call Testing

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We proudly introduce our Test Call Generator (TCG) — a new-gen virtual tool designed for plugging the termination revenue drains. In the telecom industry, the challenge of safeguarding networks from interconnect bypass fraud, CLI spoofing, short stopping, and termination errors is ever-present. However, end-to-end testing can be complex, costly, and time-consuming. Our innovative and comprehensive TCG simplifies correct routing validation and fraud detection. 


Explore TCG Features and Capabilities

TCG is an all-in-one solution packed with a wide range of features and capabilities, designed to shield your network from fraudulent activities, offering:

  1. Testing of interconnection routes with partner carriers to ensure proper call termination.
  2. Ability to generate test calls from any number and country, simulating various real-world scenarios.
  3. B-number selection without call delivery, enabling termination quality evaluation without subscriber disruption.
  4. Customizable campaign settings for specific testing parameters, including call volume, and frequency.
  5. Separate tests for different rate ranges, offering a detailed analysis of the impact of rate plans on termination revenue and highlighting areas for optimization.

Discover Unique TCG Benefits

AB Handshake's TCG is more than just another testing tool. It delivers insights for reducing revenue leakage, which is perhaps one of the most significant advantages the tool offers. Detailed reports analyze termination success rates, highlighting issues by country or carrier and delivering objective data for operators to make informed decisions. Routing quality is continuously validated through automated, controlled testing. Silent mode testing on live number ranges allows operators to simulate real-life scenarios without subscriber disruption or unnecessary traffic generation. This ensures thorough testing while maintaining a seamless user experience.

TCG in Action: Facilitated Testing Process

AB Handshake's TCG carefully manages your testing process from start to finish. This is the step-by-step overview of how it works:

  1. Campaign Setup. Configure your test campaign according to your specific requirements, including test parameters.
  2. Test Call Transmission. Initiate test calls from selected numbers, simulating real-life scenarios.
  3. Call Data Verification. Verify and validate the call data collected during testing, and receive confirmation of termination on the B-side.
  4. Report Delivery. Receive a comprehensive summary of the test results to gain valuable insights into call routing and termination.
  5. Revenue protection. Identify and disconnect rogue carriers to prevent termination revenue drain.

Effective call validation has never been so straightforward and comprehensive. To discover the full potential of AB Handshake's Test Call Generator and learn how it works, visit our product page or request a consultation.

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