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AB Handshake at the RAG Virtual Conference

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As AB Handshake continues to make waves throughout the industry, it is featured in more industry events. Recently, project leader Sergey Okrimenko presented this solution at the RAG Virtual Conference on May 13th.


In his presentation, Sergey discussed the various unique advantages that AB Handshake brings to the world of fraud protection. Through its sophisticated detection system, this solution has the ability to defeat a broad range of threats, such as CLI spoofing, short-stopping, call stretching, interconnect bypass, PBX hacking, robocalls, Wangiri, and Wangiri 2.0. In fact, the system has already been repeatedly trialed on real traffic and successfully passed all the set benchmarks.

Sergey also discussed his vision of AB Handshake becoming a broadly used tool in the industry — aiding with a new wave of cooperation between historical competitors for the sake of fighting fraud on a global scale.

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