Enrich your anti-fraud solution with unique detection methods

Partnership for anti-fraud technology vendors

We are not competitors. 

We can transmit the information obtained in the Call & SMS validation process to your system to enhance its accuracy. 

Gain a new revenue stream by offering our technology on a white label basis.

If you help clients deal with fraud, this partnership is for you:

  • Anti-fraud solution vendors
  • Voice and SMS firewalls
  • DPI solution vendors
  • Telecom-managed service providers
  • IP-PBX solution vendors
  • Revenue assurance service providers

Unparalleled financial and competitive advantages


Secure new clients and commercial opportunities

Enhance fraud detection capabilities, add functionality to your product portfolio, and expand your client base.


Enrich your solution with new data sets

We transmit data sets from Call Validation to your system via custom APIs and flexible integration.


Offer a joint solution that needs no replacement

Combine your system with our highly adaptive solution to cover all current and emerging fraud types.

Explore partner use-cases

How different solution vendors enhance their products with our unique technology


AI/ML anti-fraud solutions and Voice & SMS firewalls:

Receive call events or validation results directly from the remote operator. By working with a wider dataset, you will increase your solutions’ fraud detection accuracy and identify more fraud types.


DPI solution vendors:

Combine your expertise in data with our expertise in voice to prevent fraud schemes that use both technologies, such as SIM box fraud, OTT bypass and many others.

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Boost your current solution and sales

step 1

Schedule a call to discuss integration and your clients’ use cases.

step 2

We integrate our technology and carry out interop tests to confirm the solution’s high performance level.

step 3

Offer validation services to your customers.

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Hear what our partners say about working with us:

Learn more about partners’ experience

"The telecom industry has lived with the storm of fraud for long enough. While in the thick of a storm, most people don't realize that above that storm is sunshine and blue skies. This collaboration between 1Route, GBSDTech, and AB Handshake is a much-needed solution to bring our industry out of the storm. Together we will bring trust back to voice and remove the red button." 

Jeffrey V. Ross

CCO of 1Route

“With telecom fraud constantly evolving as fraudsters find new attack vectors, it is paramount for service providers to have solutions that empower them to proactively decide what traffic to block and monitor. Our TruNumber Protect data brings added telephone number intelligence to the core of the AB Handshake solution and is an example of how valuable, accurate data is helping companies combat telephone fraud”.

Peter Ford

Executive Vice President, iconectiv



How do you detect emerging fraud types?

Call validation functionality is based on the cross-validation of call events and A & B numbers between the originating and terminating operators of the call. As any fraud inevitably impacts the mentioned parameters, any new fraud scheme automatically falls within the scope of the solution.

What are the typical commercial terms of the partnership?

We offer multiple options such as revenue share based on monthly usage or subscription, software license fees, CAPEX model for a certain project / customer.

Can the call validation control center be integrated into a native interface?

Yes, we can integrate the control and reporting functionality of AB Handshake into the existing interface of your solution.

Do you introduce our solutions to your customers?

Yes, we are in constant dialogue with our customers. As soon as we identify an issue on their side, we offer to address with our portfolio and the solutions of our trusted partners.


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