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If you provide any service to operators, partner with us to offer Call Validation and AI Shield – leading anti-fraud solutions that meet operators’ changing demands.

Sales partners include:

  • System Integrators
  • Referral partners
  • Consultancies
  • Agents

We guarantee 97-100% fraud detection accuracy – above the industry benchmark.


Our patented call-validation technology prevents fraud in real time.


Our solutions are adaptive and configurable – they meet your clients’ current and future demands


Gain unparalleled financial benefits


Provide a comprehensive solution

Our affordable system guarantees complete protection from all fraud types. Your clients won’t need an alternative.


Get flexible commercial offers

No CAPEX needed. We adjust our offer to your preferred commercial model, be it pay-as-you-go or a subscription.


No special knowledge required

No prior experience in anti-fraud needed. We provide expertise and continuous support to help you secure new clients. 

Sell an in-demand solution

3% of total global telecom revenue was lost to fraud in 2021    
a 28% increase in 2 years (2021 CFCA Report).

Our system meets rising demand for anti-fraud solutions and stands out:


We prevent the most complex Voice and SMS fraud in real time, protecting operators and their subscribers from significant financial losses.


Our system streamlines operator anti-fraud procedures, automates the blocking of illegal traffic and simplifies dispute resolution.


We save your clients time and money by reducing operational costs.

See partnership success stories

Cataleya partnership success story

Cataleya provides real-time communications software and CPaaS solutions for all VoIP switching and analytics. By integrating call validation technology into their products, Cataleya protects its customers from all fraud attacks and has a new revenue stream. Here’s what they say about our partnership:


“We provide efficient, anti-fraud analytics solutions to our Session Border Controller customers. However, this only covers a limited set of call anomalies and A-number spoofing can’t be captured. The arrival of the AB Handshake framework suddenly changes that landscape and, paired with our capabilities, now provides an unparalleled vaccine for this illness”.

Andreas Hipp,

CEO Cataleya

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step 1

Schedule a call to discuss target accounts and the commercial model.

step 2

Receive all required marketing and support materials, as well as ongoing training and expertise, from us.

step 3

Offer anti-fraud services to your customers. 

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Hear what our partners say about working with us:

Learn more about partners’ experience

"The telecom industry has lived with the storm of fraud for long enough. While in the thick of a storm, most people don't realize that above that storm is sunshine and blue skies. This collaboration between 1Route, GBSDTech, and AB Handshake is a much-needed solution to bring our industry out of the storm. Together we will bring trust back to voice and remove the red button." 

Jeffrey V. Ross

CCO of 1Route

“With telecom fraud constantly evolving as fraudsters find new attack vectors, it is paramount for service providers to have solutions that empower them to proactively decide what traffic to block and monitor. Our TruNumber Protect data brings added telephone number intelligence to the core of the AB Handshake solution and is an example of how valuable, accurate data is helping companies combat telephone fraud”.

Peter Ford

Executive Vice President, iconectiv



What are the typical commercial terms of the partnership?

We offer multiple options such as revenue share based on monthly usage or subscription, software license fees, CAPEX model for a certain project / customer.

Do you provide exclusivity to your sales partners?

As a part of our commercial agreement, we provide exclusivity for certain accounts so your sales cycle won’t be disrupted. Exclusivity is often granted for 1-1.5 years.

What is the typical sales cycle for an AB Handshake client?

Depending on integration complexity, the cycle duration is usually between 3 and 9 months.

Does my company need to have a dedicated technical or anti-fraud team to support your solutions?

No, we offer full support from onboarding to marketing to system updates. You need no expertise in anti-fraud as we regularly update the system to meet your clients’ evolving demands. We also provide managed services to the extent required by the customer.


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