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Almost 3% of the global telecom revenue was lost to fraud in 2021. Yet, many operators still use the same out-dated and inefficient anti-fraud solutions that cannot protect them from rapidly evolving fraud schemes:


of operators still use manual detection and 28% use outdated rule-based FMS


of the operators wait a whole week before reviewing and adjusting the fraud controls or even less frequently


of the operators spend upwards of 10-20 hours per week reviewing false positive fraud alerts

Enjoy mutual benefits

Provide next-gen technology that stays ahead of new fraud types, detecting and blocking fraud automatically with zero false positives. AB Handshake Call Validation will save your clients' revenues, improve their customers' experience, and reduce operational costs.


Generate new revenues effortlessly 

Upsell our know-how by integrating our solution with your product and roll it out to your customers, or simply get a white label.


Get new commercial opportunities

Reach out to new clients – participate in current AB Handshake projects when our flexible integration requires additional network nodes and monitoring tools.


Enter a new market 

Provide anti-fraud solutions that are in high demand by operators. Adopt our systems of solutions in covering all of your clients’ fraud prevention needs.


Provide a tool that needs no replacement

Stay ahead of constantly evolving fraud scenarios with our next-gen technology. Upgrade your anti-fraud tools with unique sets of data from partner networks



Technological partnership

  • SBCs and soft switches vendors
  • SСP, CAMEL and signaling gateways
  • Real-time billing equipment providers
  • SMS firewalls and SMSC vendors
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Solution partnership

  • Anti-fraud solution vendors
  • DPI solution vendors
  • Telecom managed services providers
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Sales partnership

  • System Integrators
  • Agents
  • Referral partners
  • Consultancies
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  • The benefits we bring to different types of partners;
  • The multiple fraud-related problems that our System can effectively solve for your clients;
  • The effective promotion and onboarding assistance we offer to our partners, enabling them to quickly and easily enter new markets;
  • The technological and business advantages of our comprehensive fraud-prevention System.

See partnership success stories

Hear what our partners have to say after working with us:

Learn more about our partners’ experience

“The telecom industry has lived with the storm of fraud for long enough. While in the thick of a storm, most people don't realize that above that storm is sunshine and blue skies. This collaboration between 1Route, GBSDTech, and AB Handshake is a much-needed solution to bring our industry out of the storm. Together we will bring trust back to voice and remove the red button”.

Jeffrey V. Ross

CCO of 1Route

“With telecom fraud constantly evolving as fraudsters find new attack vectors, it is paramount for service providers to have solutions that empower them to proactively decide what traffic to block and monitor. Our TruNumber Protect data brings added telephone number intelligence to the core of the AB Handshake solution and is an example of how valuable, accurate data is helping companies combat telephone fraud”.

Peter Ford

Executive Vice President, iconectiv



What commercial model do you use?

Usually, we use a revenue-share model, but we are open to explore and propose other options tailored to your company’s projects and opportunities.

Can my company be the exclusive provider of the validation tool for certain markets & operators?

Yes, we are constantly aligned with all of our partners to ensure there is no footprint overlap that could confuse our partners and their potential clients.

Can your products be integrated with existing anti-fraud, monitoring and revenue assurance solutions of an operator?

Yes, we provide seamless integration of our solutions into the current workflow of the operator, optimizing it without creating any disruptions.

What support will be available for promotion and onboarding of AB Handshake solutions to our clients?

Our designated teams provide full marketing and technical support for effective promotion and onboarding of our products to your clients.


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