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AB Handshake Launches AI Shield

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Anti-Fraud Solution Powered by Machine Learning

We are excited to present AI Shield - a cutting-edge AI-powered tool that eliminates telecom fraud attacks in real-time on all inbound and outbound voice traffic.

We have combined Machine Learning and Big Data analysis to provide a new standard of 97% accuracy in voice fraud detection.

Stopping Telecom Fraud Loss

According to the 2021 CFCA Fraud Loss Survey, $39.89 Billion, or approximately 3% of all global telecom revenue, was lost to fraud in 2021 alone. This is a 19% increase from 2019, showing an alarming trend.

Despite this:

  • 30% of operators still use inefficient manual detection methods*
  • 28% of operators use outdated rule-based FMSs*
  • 89% of operators review and adjust their fraud controls weekly or even less frequently*
  • Meanwhile, 48% of operators spend 10-20 hours per week or more reviewing false positive fraud alerts*

*According to 2021 CFCA Fraud Loss Survey

Outdated and inefficient fraud management systems can't keep up with emerging fraud types and have significant operational costs.

So, we developed AI Shield – to save voice service providers' time and money.

A Next-Gen Tool That Stays Ahead of Fraud

AI-shield doesn't just provide unparalleled accuracy in fraud prevention, it also delivers a lean user experience via a simple interface. By using AI-shield operators avoid financial and reputational losses, while driving down operational costs thanks to automated real-time fraud detection.

AI Shield effectively stops the most prominent fraud types:

The system can also detect flash calls. You can choose whether to block them or just receive an alert via our simple interface.

With AI Shield, voice service providers can:

  • Save time and money from Day 1: Our engine is trained on vast volumes of retail and wholesale voice traffic, providing unparalleled accuracy in fraud detection out-of-the-box
  • Increase efficiency with a user-friendly interface: Customize alerting, blocking, and reporting policies in a single click and reduce operational costs
  • Boost revenue by avoiding service denial: Our built-in IVR module warns your enterprise customers when they are dialing high-risk number ranges.

To see AI shield's user-friendly interface in action, request a product demo here. One of our specialists will get back to you to schedule a session.

Technological advantages of AI Shield:

  • AI & ML engine: identifies telecom fraud patterns and prevents even well-disguised attacks in real time before any damage is done
  • Real-time monitoring: detects and alerts or blocks attacks before they strike
  • Complex system based on 200+ parameters: mitigates all major fraud types with unmatched accuracy
  • Simple, secure and agile integration: AI Shield can be installed inside the security perimeter of an operator or in the Cloud

To learn more about how AI Shield works, get in touch by requesting the product white paper here.

About AB Handshake

AB Handshake is a global system for eradicating telecom fraud. It was founded by a team of professionals with decades of experience in telecom, IT and engineering. We provide comprehensive solutions that tackle all major fraud scenarios as well as emerging fraud types. Our technological achievements are regularly recognized with the most prestigious industry awards and renowned organization memberships such as the ITU, CFCA and GSMA.

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