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Toku has joined the AB Handshake community as APAC region pioneer

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We at AB Handshake are pleased to welcome each new community member as it draws us closer to our main goal – a global fraud-free community.

We are especially delighted when our valuable community members highly evaluate our efforts. Therefore, we are excited to welcome Toku as our new community member took the regional lead of joining AB Handshake in APAC. That's how Toku representative Monnan Miah, Head of Global Services has reported upon joining the community in the recent interview to UC Today media portal:

"That's where newfound operators like Toku can help. In partnering with AB Handshake, we're helping both our own community and other communities worldwide. It's a mutual effort."

Toku is a leading cloud communications provider in the Asia Pacific. They have a variety of enterprise solutions for workflow optimization and improving customer experience. Their solutions enhance the transition to the cloud and boost growth through increased efficiency.

During his interview, Monnan emphasized the mutual effort in the AB Handshake solution from every actor in the telecom chain starting from subscribers and enterprise customers up to operators, carriers and the community in general.

Monnan also highlighted the effectiveness of the AB Handshake solution against spam calls and many other voice traffic threats - thanks to real-time call validation and authentication.

Miah mentioned that "joining AB Handshake allows Toku to help their enterprise customers benefit from top-notch cloud communications without having to compromise on their reputation or their customers' trust."

Indeed, call validation is a simple, yet innovative way to efficiently fight voice traffic fraud. Our solution has the highest reviews from industry experts, multiple awards juries, regulators, partners and users.

Monnan’s praise for AB Handshake's effectiveness aligns with the strategic priorities highlighted in the ITU CxO meeting 2023, where the urgent need for robust, real-time call validation solutions like AB Handshake was emphasized.

Discover the comprehensive discussions on global fraud prevention from the 2023 ITU CxO meeting.

AB Handshake always welcomes companies that follow the model of Toku, taking a regional lead and joining the AB Handshake community.

For more info about Toku please visit their website.

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