Stop fraud with an instant virtual ‘handshake’

Ensure fully transparent and fraud-free communication with our patented technology – end-to-end validation of call events and A&B numbers


Benefit from the revolutionary
anti-fraud technology

AB Call Validation solves a range of our clients’ problems by
preventing fraud. Your company is able to:

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    Avoid direct losses to fraud

    detect and block all major fraud types with zero-false positives 

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    Prevent fraud disputes and reduce operational costs

    increase efficiency with our simple interface

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    Enhance your reputation and protect your termination revenue 

    prevent call hijacking and interconnect bypass on inbound traffic to avoid your number ranges being blocked 

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    Grow service usage and increase customer satisfaction

    use our network of fraud-free routes to provide your customers with trusted fraud-free communication

See AB Call  
Validation in action

In this example AB Handshake Call Registry software prevents CLI spoofing. The same procedure works against all major types of voice fraud. Validation happens in real-time so the customer doesn’t receive the fraudulent call and the operators avoid losses.


Enjoy the user-friendly interface

With our Call Validation interface it’s simple and quick to:

  • Compare full parameters of each call from the 
 originating and terminating networks;
  • Analyze fraud log files in the system or download them 
 via customized reporting;
  • Choose to block the fraudulent call or receive an alert 
 according to destination, next-hop carrier and fraud type.

Provide fraud-free communication

Operators within the community are protected from all major fraud types:

  • CLI spoofing
  • SIM box fraud
  • OTT bypass
  • Call stretching & Short stopping
  • PBX hacking
  • Wangiri & Wangiri 2.0
  • Robocalls

If you want to cover an even wider spectrum of fraud scenarios, learn more about AI Shield.




AB Handshake Call Validation can be integrated with all networks, call signalling types, and standard protocols (SIP, RADIUS, Diameter, HTTP API and ISUP) without changing the current call handling process.

We integrate with network elements such as: gateway switches and SBCs, STPs, elements of the CAMEL or IMS network, real-time billing systems, SIP proxies or SIP agents, tapping devices.


  • AB Handshake Call Registry software is usually hosted on
    a virtual machine within the operator's network.
  • All fraud call logs are stored within the security perimeter
    of the client with no access by third parties.

Call Validation is also available as a cloud service if you require the quickest integration possible. Click the button below to get a personalized integration offer


  • Do all the carriers I work with need to install the solution?

    No. The solution works end-to-end, and only originating and terminating operators participate in the validation.

  • So the system will not validate 100% of my traffic?

    From Day 1 the system will validate 100% of your international traffic exchanged with community members. We use a pay-as-you-go model – you do not pay for the traffic that is not validated. Typically, AB Handshake will initially work in parallel with solutions that you already use, detecting fraudulent cases which can’t be recognized by standalone tools.

    We are also creating local clusters for validation based on customer requests.

  • Does the system work with MNP?

    Yes, the validation logic takes the MNP into account. The exact implementation is largely dependent on specific restrictions and regulatory requirements, so please get in touch to discuss the most relevant option.

  • Does the system take into account the roaming status of the subscriber?

    Yes, the validation logic takes the roaming status of the subscriber into account. The exact implementation is largely dependent on specific restrictions and regulatory requirements, so please get in touch to discuss the most relevant option.

  • Will there be a delay in the call setup after integration of the call registry?

    There is no delay. Call setup and call validation processes run independently via different channels.

  • Does the service comply with privacy rules like GDPR?

    During typical calls you send A and B numbers in SIP headers, which are open text now. Every operator in the chain has access to this data. In our case, the Originating and Terminating Call Registries communicate only with each other through an encrypted channel. There is no access for any third party. We do not transmit anything other than what you are already transmitting through signaling.

    In addition, Recital 47 of the EU GDPR specifically states that “The processing of personal data strictly necessary for the purposes of preventing fraud also constitutes a legitimate interest of the data controller concerned”.


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