Prevent voice attacks in real time without integration


AB Handshake will alert you of the number ranges identified in fraud attacks in the traffic we’re processing. Get alerted to your email or interface in real time.

Receive originating (A) & terminating (B) number ranges that were used for the following voice fraud schemes:

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    IRSF (committed by mobile malware, SIM swapping, etc)

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    Wangiri calls and callbacks

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    PBX hacking

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    Enterprise voice fraud

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    Traffic pumping / Traffic inflation / Generated traffic

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    And more

Block these number ranges to prevent financial losses caused by fraudulent calls.

Get an alert when the attack is over and unblock the ranges. This helps avoid revenue losses and customer churn.


Get automated protection and blocking of A & B number ranges only for the duration of the attack:


  • Easy to configure & zero-time resources for implementation
  • AB Handshake anti-fraud experts verify number ranges
  • Low TCO & free trial


*allocated number – a number belonging to a network operator under a national numbering plan.

  • 75% of voice fraud attacks come from and to allocated number ranges*
  • 50% of them are live numbers assigned to real subscribers
  • If you block these ranges according to number databases, some legitimate traffic is also affected


Our solution: 

Block a combination of A & B ranges involved in voice fraud attacks in real time only for the duration of the attack. Avoid unnecessary losses and customer churn caused by blocking legitimate traffic. 

Want to see what number ranges were identified by our system in attacks on 140+ networks worldwide this week?


With the free trial, you get all the benefits of the full version without any commercial commitment:


Affordable alternative to sophisticated AI and ML-driven solutions


No dedicated team or specific knowledge requirements to manage the API alerts


Proactive blocking of fraudulent calls based on the collective intelligence of operators using the AB Handshake System


Do I need Fraud Radar if I already use another fraud management system?

Yes. Any type of fraud management system (AI-based or rule-based) can be enhanced by alerts from AB Handshake. Our real-time messages can be synchronized with your blocking policy to protect you from major international voice attacks.

How can I use the data feed received via the API?

Within the alert, we will send not only the information about the A and B number ranges involved in the attack and the type of fraud detected by our system but also the recommendation to block these number ranges. After the attack is over, we will send an alert that the mentioned ranges are safe to unblock. You can either manually update your existing blocklists or FMS configuration or configure your system to automatically take action based on the provided alerts.

You send alerts about fraud detected in other networks, but can you analyze my traffic without integration?

Yes. If you`re looking for a solution that can analyze your voice traffic and identify if there is any fraudulent activity, you can request CDR processing from AB Handshake without integration. After signing an NDA, you can share CDRs for a specific time period that we will upload to our AI engine for analysis. And the best thing is – it`s entirely free!

I need to receive alerts about CLI spoofing and fake numbers. Are they included in Fraud Radar alerts?

AB Handshake can detect CLI spoofing and any manipulation with originating numbers delivering calls to your system. However, this functionality is currently not included in Fraud Radar. To learn more about how to receive alerts and block calls and SMS with fake numbers in real time, check out our Validation Solution.


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