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AB Handshake

The AB Handshake Corporation was founded by a team of professionals with decades of experience in the telecom field and expertise in establishing and successfully growing innovative hi-tech companies. Our telecom and engineering background made it possible to take an idea for preventing voice fraud by call validation and turn it into a universal solution working for all types of networks.

After creating the AB Handshake technology, testing it on an intercontinental network with countless simulated fraud scenarios, and honing the details of the service, the corporation was founded in order to distribute the technology on a global scale.

To facilitate the adoption of AB Handshake, we are establishing a trusted community of telecom service providers that share the common goal of eliminating fraud through call validation. Inside this community, all voice traffic exchange is free from major types of voice fraud. The result is a radical improvement of customer experience and boosted profitability of the community members.
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We are proud to be part of the largest communities in the telecom industry.
Our awards
It's a big honor for us to be chosen as a winner of multiple industry awards:
Risk Reward Awards 2020
Innovation Award Winner
Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2021
Gold Winner at Fraud Prevention in NORTH AMERICA and a Silver Winner at Best Cybersecurity Startup in NORTH AMERICA subcategories
Stevie Awards 2021
Gold Winner in the "Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year - Up to 100 Employees" category
Stevie Awards 2021
Bronze winner in 2 categories:
1. Company of the Year - Telecommunications - Small Status
2. Tech Startup of the Year- Services
PTC Awards 2022
Winner in the "Outstanding Start-up" category
Globee® Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards
Gold GLOBEE® Winner as "Startup of the Year" in the "Telecommunications Security" category
Global Infosec Awards 2022
Winner as "Next Gen Telecom Fraud Protection" in the "Telecom Fraud Protection" category
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